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Led by the introduction of digital printing, the print industry underwent a major disruption in the mid to late 2000's. Combined with the realisation that their client base were transitioning out of the workforce, Fast Proof Press management found themselves having to make considerable cultural changes to accommodate a changing market.

Traditionally the print industry was considered as a craft, where by quality printed collateral evoked consumer purchase decisions. Digital printing rapidly changed the perception into a commodity product and service, based on price and turnaround.

As a brave strategy we set out to revitalise the romance of print and go against how the industry was behaving. By redefining Fast Proof Press as "Progressive Print" and introducing a wow book named "the print bible" we were able to connect quickly with the younger up and coming corporate print purchasers.


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A dedication to contemporary Australian art, Hart Museum celebrates the legendary work of iconic, home grown painter Pro Hart, the current day prolific work of his son, David Hart, and the traditional indigenous works of renowned Aboriginal artists gathered from a cross section of tribal diversity.

This new destination is set to launch in the near future.